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What you wear describes you! Crumpled clothes are definitely not the right way to make an impression. Sanford brings you the most innovative and user-friendly garment steamer to simplify your ironing task. It emits a 1800-Watts powerful continuous steam, operating efficiently and evenly on the clothes. Hang up your dress, run the Sanford garment steamer, and it's done! Your dress is all set for a great day!

1.3 Litre Water Tank

Removable water tank that can hold upto 1.3 litres of water, ensuring that your steamer can keep going for long without constant refills.The removable feature makes it easy to clean, dry and reattach.

Variable Steam Control

Sanford Garment Steamer has different levels of variable steam control for different types of fabric. You can set it to the desired level to control heat on your linen and cotton.

Flexible Fabric Hose

Imagine ironing a long dress and your steamer just won’t cover the length. No more of that since Sanford Garment Steamer comes with a 1.3 meter flexible fabric hose for easy and convenient ironing.

Powerful Continuous Steam

The special ergonomic sanford garment steamer head has an XL (extra large) steam plate, which helps you achieve results quickly. This steamer also lets out even steam so all bits of your garment is ironed evenely.

Accessories Included

Sanford garment steamer includes a set of accessories. This includes a fabric brush for better steam penetration and a smoother finish and a hand glove that protects your skin from getting too close to the steam.

Ergonomic design

The Sanford steamer has an integrated adjustable pole for hanging your garments while using the steamer. Very stable and flat telescopic poles with three sections for compact storage. Magnificent red, colour and black magnificent design that can be easily stored away in your cupboard. .

•  Power : 1800W., Non-water leaking nozzle •  Colorful look & easy to operate
•  Stable performance and durable material •  Automatically shuts-off at high temperature or shortage of water & automatic restart.
•  Thermal use protection, Double safety system. •   Bottom drain plug is designed for easy clean and maintenance.
•  Roller caster for easy movements. •  Fabric brush eliminates dust from clothes during ironing
•  Ready to use in 38 secs, Self clean function. •  1.3 meters flexible fabric hose
•  1.3 liters water tank capacity •  Detachable water tank for easy filling and use
•  Very stable & flat telescopic poles with three sections for compact storage 1pc dia 2.2cm, 41-110 cm length round pole
•  Barcode : 6957260029132

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Copyright © 2022 Sanford. All rights reserved.
Designed & Developed by Sanford Design Team.

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• Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper.

• Power Stainless steel blade.

• Adjustable comb, High speed motor.

• 5V USB Power cable.

• 5 Different level lengths ranges from approximately 3mm to 12mm .

Powerful, enhanced comfort trimmer cuts and details even unruly hair with a high-speed motor, Stainless steel blade and adjustable settings for exact hair lengths, 600mAh battery, Power: 3W.

Corded and Cordless: Longer battery life and longer service life; universal voltage, no need to worry about charging problems when traveling on any place




• 12” Rechargeable box fan with LED lights.

• 3 Speed Fan High, Medium & Low).

• 7 hours continuous working on low speed.

• 5 hours continuous working on medium speed.

• 4 hours continuous working.

• 6V, 4500mAh Sealed lead acid rechargeable battery.

• Overcharge & Over discharge protection.

• AC/DC working, RPM: 1500.

• 24 pcs SMD LED, 8 Hours high bright.

• 24 hrs Low bright, 4 hours timer * Power: 24W.




• 2.2L Capacity Rice cooker.

• 900 Watts, Non stick cooking pot.

• Automatic cooking and keep warm function.

• Tempered glass lid.

• Permanent magnetic controlling system.

• High temperature protection and easy to clean.

• Accessories : Measuring cup and spoon.

SIMPLIFY YOUR COOKING : Cook & Warm function automatically shifts the appliance to "warm" mode once the rice has been cooked. The "Warm Mode" ensures that the rice inside remains moist and warm.