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5 Litre Non Stick Cooking Pot

Sanford Multi-cooker is an 11 mode programs cooker. It is a cooker designed to suit the needs of a modern family, individuals without occupying too much space in the kitchen. It is highly portable and very convenient to use. This cooker is ergonomically designed to even enhance the comfort and ease of use, for travellers. The appliance offers immense ease of, making instant noodles, and cooking rice or soup at home, office as well as on the go.

IMD Control Panel

One of the most striking features of this cooker is the high definition LED IMD panel, that has a single touch switch for 11 programs. List of items including vegetables, corn, fish, meat and rice can be cooked easily, while you carry on with your chores. Smart programming and timer facilities to prevent any damage to your food.

Honey Comb Pot

This cooker has an inbuilt non-stick honeycomb pot interior that generates heat evenly, cooking each bit of your food consistently. This prevents extra heat or burns in any particular corner. Sanford multi cooker gives you more time to relish delicious meals with your family. It will also keep your food warm till you consume it!

Smart Kitchens, Smart Cooker!

This multi-functional rice cooker comes with every modern technology that will make your cooking effortless. Set cooking modes are available for 11 programs that you can switch to in a single touch and forget about. The timer takes care of everything. The inner honeycomb pot cooks your food evenly and the non-stick features make it easy to clean. You can find presets for casseroles, pasta, soups, quinoa, rice and a lot more dishes. You can also saute or pan fry vegetables and fruits. Retains the nutritional value as well as original flavour of your food. Comes with Sanford promise of great quality and service.

•  5Litre classic design multi cooker,
•  IMD control panel with 11 program modes.
•  Honey comb double coated inner pot.
•  Patented handle with spoon holder.
•  LED display panel, Easy to clean •  Detachable steam value, effectively release the vapor.
•  Barcode : 6957260011410

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Copyright © 2022 Sanford. All rights reserved.
Designed & Developed by Sanford Design Team.

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• Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper.

• Power Stainless steel blade.

• Adjustable comb, High speed motor.

• 5V USB Power cable.

• 5 Different level lengths ranges from approximately 3mm to 12mm .

Powerful, enhanced comfort trimmer cuts and details even unruly hair with a high-speed motor, Stainless steel blade and adjustable settings for exact hair lengths, 600mAh battery, Power: 3W.

Corded and Cordless: Longer battery life and longer service life; universal voltage, no need to worry about charging problems when traveling on any place




• 12” Rechargeable box fan with LED lights.

• 3 Speed Fan High, Medium & Low).

• 7 hours continuous working on low speed.

• 5 hours continuous working on medium speed.

• 4 hours continuous working.

• 6V, 4500mAh Sealed lead acid rechargeable battery.

• Overcharge & Over discharge protection.

• AC/DC working, RPM: 1500.

• 24 pcs SMD LED, 8 Hours high bright.

• 24 hrs Low bright, 4 hours timer * Power: 24W.




• 2.2L Capacity Rice cooker.

• 900 Watts, Non stick cooking pot.

• Automatic cooking and keep warm function.

• Tempered glass lid.

• Permanent magnetic controlling system.

• High temperature protection and easy to clean.

• Accessories : Measuring cup and spoon.

SIMPLIFY YOUR COOKING : Cook & Warm function automatically shifts the appliance to "warm" mode once the rice has been cooked. The "Warm Mode" ensures that the rice inside remains moist and warm.