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Sanford is the home of simple products that bring big changes to the lives of our customers. More than a business, we are a familiar name at every home and workplace that resonates with comfort. In this time and age, we strive to bring the world's most sustainable, and efficient electronic goods.

Our core values are very well defined in our tagline “Touching your life every day”. We like to support each aspect of your daily activities. At the same time, we hold on to our beliefs that make Sanford stand out in a world of profit race and commercialization. Our brand ethics guide us to achieve high standards around the world and create a trusted name among our clients. But above all, we believe in sustainability- through quality, caring, diversity, happiness, and great service.


Sanford was established in 2004, owned and operated by Sanford Middle East DWC headquartered in Dubai World Central, Dubai. The group handles designing, manufacturing, assembling, importing, exporting, and retail of electronics and home appliances. The manufacturing and assembly operations are carried out at facilities owned by Sanford in Malaysia, China, and Hong Kong. Since then, the group has grown in size, while also gathering a clientele that banks on its promise of quality.

Sanford Middle East DWC recently opened its own massive godown to accommodate various ranges of products. Dubai is the regional headquarters for our the Middle East and Africa operations. Sanford DWC has seventeen subsidiary companies under it for the distribution of Sanford products spread across the GCC. With the entry into the Indian market in July 2019, Sanford is soon expanding its reach and resources to the country, starting with Ernakulam, Kerala.

Sanford has achieved a considerable market share in its target segment within the industry for its quality, scalability, ease of use, and innovative technology.

Vision and Mission - Our way forward

In a world that runs behind profit and business, our key concept has always been adding value and simplicity to life. Sanford listens to you, your needs, and your aspirations for a good life. On a company scale, we value every person who works with us, and the people who use our products. Our mission is to serve you best and to make your life comfortable.

With a panel of experienced visionaries constantly guiding our efforts, Sanford is taking its next step towards expansion. Simultaneously, we are also working on making this world a better place, adding efforts in ensuring sustainability and protecting the environment. Simplistic joys in life and we hope it is brought to you by Sanford.

Our Values

As reflected by our tagline “Touching your life every day, regardless of your needs in everyday life, our company is there to provide you the best possible solution to make your life easy. From electronics and home appliances to cooking and cleaning ranges, we have it all!

Within the operation, however, we look at a bigger picture. Our rule number one is “Sustainability through Quality”. Around the world, there are hundreds of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances companies now. SME segment is one of the toughest and most competitive segments in the industry. Due to this, many times it is a race to try and grab the juiciest customer share. Quality begins to take a backseat and production is ruled by “whatever is cheaper”.

Sanford is one of the very few companies to have its own manufacturing facilities, quality control team, and an active R&D department based in China, that receives samples and analyzes each and every component to ensure maximum quality. Certifications, standards, and quality as compared to competitor products are checked and confirmed, only after which the shipments are processed. We check for health hazards to our customers, potential physical damage, quality standards of the structural elements like steel, glass, plugs, pins, and mortars.

The value for customer’s health and safety brings us to our second brand ethos, “Sustainability through Caring”. Our priority isn't profiting or selling our products fastest or at cheap rates. Instead, we care about the trust our customers have placed in us- the kind where we hear families say that they have been using our products for generations. Sanford wants to be the household brand for reliability. Our third brand ethos is “Sustainability through the widest range of products”. As explained by our tagline, we want to be a part of you every day, from the moment you wake up, to when you hit the bed. Our R&D team is constantly adding to our line-up of personal products and home appliances to reach out to every need you have.

Sanford also hosts a robust customer care team that comprises expert technicians who support post-sale activities. If you ask us, the actual sale starts after the product reaches a customer. This defines our fourth brand ethos, “Sustainability through Service”. Though Sanford products are extremely less likely to fail or malfunction when it happens, we are there to give you immediate, viable solutions. We listen, and we care about your experience with us.

At the end of the day, all we care about is the smile on our faces at the end of the day. Our fifth brand ethos, “Sustainability through Happiness” implies how we care about treating our customers right. Happiness, however, also means convenience and ease. Our smart payment system is efficient, taking care of not just customer finances, but also that of our suppliers, logistics partners, business partners, and other key associates, big or small. We have an excellent track record when it comes to handling payments and adhering to credit terms.

Within the organization, we like our employees to be happy, so they can give their best to every product that exits our company and reaches you. The creativity and leadership of our teams are nourished and encouraged, and everyone is treated as an entrepreneur. Ample opportunities are provided for the growth of all our executives. Their participation in seminars, fairs, and education & training programs are undertaken with initiative from the organization so as to empower them.

We have invested in most modern technology and strategies like SAP Business One, Salesforce applications, and other lined-up tools to ensure that our team has all the help they need. The office is as happy as your home, with Sanford touching lives, every day, everywhere.

Dubai South, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 8824396
Fax: +971 4 8820960
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